Web Menus


Make updates in real-time.  Tie different menus to timed schedules.


Promote menu items through active engagement with your guests.  


Menus adapt to any screen size, making them perfect for any guest device.


Navigation is simple, intuitive and customizable to your preferences

TabUp web menus are designed for a mobile device.  They are easier to ready than other web menus you may have experienced because they allow you to visually scan many items at once in a very easy to read format.  Other menus are either too difficult to read or each item takes up so much screen space that you can only see one item at a time.

Item details are visible with a single tap.  Display a photo gallery, not a single image like other menus, as well as add-ons, tags or other options.  It's the easiest to read and most intuitive, feature-rich mobile menu available.

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Six Reasons to Start Using TabUp Now


Guarantee guests see specials, new items, and upsells


Menu optimization increases revenue and margins


Make price changes daily, for Market Price items and more


Reduce or completely eliminate the cost of printing menus  


Multi-dimensional menu engages guests, unlike a flat PDF file standard web page 


14-day free trial and satisfaction guaranteed make it risk free to try